Product changes allow CUI Devices to improve quality, performance and manufacturing efficiency. As part of our product change process, CUI Devices commits to notification of any change that may affect fit, form, or function of the device. This determination is made by CUI Devices and is based on data available at the time of the PCN release. This notice will typically be given 3 months in advance of the change. While CUI Devices makes every effort to adhere to these requirements, there may be unavoidable circumstances that may result in shorter notification times.

Product changes are thoroughly tested by CUI Devices prior to implementation. In situations where form, function, quality, or reliability are unaffected, CUI Devices does reserve the right to make the changes without notification.

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Date PCN Number Products Notice
3/4/2022 PCN-0374166R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450014R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-04502206R-02 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450360R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450365R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450370R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450373R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450375R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0450376R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0451316R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0452201R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0452202R-01 View PDF
2/25/2022 PCN-0452215R-01 View PDF
2/18/2022 PCN-0454694R-01 View PDF
2/18/2022 PCN-0374258R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539021R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539022R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539025R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539026R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539027R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539028R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539031R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539032R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539033R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539034R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539036R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539039R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539040R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539041R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539042R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539043R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539046R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539047R-02 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539048R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539049R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539051R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539053R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539063R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539064R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539074R-01 View PDF
2/4/2022 PCN-0539075R-01 View PDF
1/25/2022 PCN-045-2206R-01 View PDF
11/5/2021 PCN-0374215R-01 View PDF
10/22/2021 PCN-0334008R-01 View PDF
9/17/2021 PCN-0374203R-01 View PDF
9/17/2021 PCN-0374283R-01 View PDF
9/10/2021 PCN-0334001-01 View PDF
8/26/2021 PCN-0920113R-01 View PDF
8/3/2021 PCN-0381414R-01 View PDF
8/3/2021 PCN-0539047R-01 View PDF
8/3/2021 PCN-0539032R-01 View PDF
7/12/2021 PCN-0374184R-01 View PDF
6/23/2021 PCN-0454718R-01 View PDF
4/7/2021 PCN-0470368R-01 View PDF
4/7/2021 PCN-0470395R-01 View PDF
3/19/2021 PCN-0370553-01 View PDF
3/2/2021 PCN-0370542-01 View PDF
3/1/2021 PCN-0730121R-02 View PDF
2/18/2021 PCN-0539026R-01 View PDF
2/3/2021 PCN-0450726R-01 View PDF
1/22/2021 PCN-0539031R-01 View PDF
1/8/2021 PCN-0381045-01 View PDF
1/5/2021 PCN-0539028R-01 View PDF
12/14/2020 PCN-0539022R-01 View PDF
12/11/2020 PCN-0380142-01 View PDF
10/23/2020 PCN-0381152R-01 View PDF
10/12/2020 PCN-0384613R-01 View PDF
10/9/2020 PCN-0374343R-01 View PDF
9/25/2020 PCN-0539021R-01 View PDF
9/2/2020 PCN-0460116R-01 View PDF
9/2/2020 PCN-0460231R-01 View PDF
8/24/2020 PCN-0539027R-01 View PDF
7/16/2020 PCN-0331019R-01 View PDF
7/14/2020 PCN-0450063R-01 View PDF
7/7/2020 PCN-0450586R-01 View PDF
7/7/2020 PCN-0452231R-01 View PDF
7/7/2020 PCN-0451152R-01 View PDF
7/7/2020 PCN-0451156R-01 View PDF
4/14/2020 PCN-9773000R-01 View PDF
4/9/2020 PCN-0450358R-01 View PDF
4/9/2020 PCN-0381131R-01 View PDF
4/3/2020 PCN-0451086R-01 View PDF
4/1/2020 PCN-0374226R-01 View PDF
2/13/2020 PCN-0450265R-01 View PDF
1/23/2020 PCN-0450571R-01 View PDF
1/21/2020 PCN-0450335R-01 View PDF
12/12/2019 PCN-0450036R-01 View PDF
11/25/2019 PCN-0450260R-01 View PDF
11/22/2019 PCN-0450594R-01 View PDF
11/21/2019 PCN-0451180R-01 View PDF
11/21/2019 PCN-0451317R-01 View PDF
11/12/2019 PCN-0384612R-02 View PDF
11/7/2019 PCN-0381098R-01 View PDF
11/7/2019 PCN-0451318R-01 View PDF
11/7/2019 PCN-0450661R-01 View PDF
10/15/2019 PCN-0450780R-01 View PDF
10/15/2019 PCN-0451320R-01 View PDF
10/15/2019 PCN-0451321R-01 View PDF
10/15/2019 PCN-0450216R-01 View PDF
10/1/2019 PCN-0451192R-01 View PDF
9/18/2019 PCN-0530883R-01 View PDF
8/28/2019 PCN-0530902R-01 View PDF
8/21/2019 PCN-0374988R-01 View PDF
8/21/2019 PCN-0374278R-02 View PDF
8/19/2019 PCN-0451188R-01 View PDF
8/8/2019 PCN-0451561R-01 View PDF
7/9/2019 PCN-0334128R-01 View PDF
7/9/2019 PCN-0530882R-01 View PDF
7/9/2019 PCN-0530887R-01 View PDF
6/26/2019 PCN-0334005R-02 View PDF
6/21/2019 PCN-0380892R-01 View PDF
6/20/2019 PCN-0450480R-01 View PDF
6/19/2019 PCN-0374278R-01 View PDF
6/12/2019 PCN-0451637R-01 View PDF
6/3/2019 PCN-0374353R-01 View PDF
5/30/2019 PCN-0530896R-01 View PDF
5/21/2019 PCN-0454895R-01 View PDF
5/15/2019 PCN-0451201R-01 View PDF
5/9/2019 PCN-0384612R-01 View PDF
5/3/2019 PCN-0380008R-01 View PDF
4/25/2019 PCN-0374415R-02 View PDF
4/19/2019 PCN-0374303R-01 View PDF
4/2/2019 PCN-0451631R-01 View PDF
3/28/2019 PCN-0450965R-01 View PDF
3/15/2019 PCN-0374415R-01 View PDF
2/6/2019 PCN-0451070R-01 View PDF
2/6/2019 PCN-0451176R-01 View PDF
1/23/2019 PCN-0451539R-01 View PDF
12/3/2018 PCN-0920090R-02 View PDF
10/8/2018 PCN-0374233R-01 View PDF
9/20/2018 PCN-0920001R-01 View PDF
8/30/2018 PCN-0374346R-01 View PDF
3/6/2018 PCN-0374182R-01 View PDF
1/12/2018 PCN-0374432R-01 View PDF
12/8/2017 PCN-0920070R-01 View PDF
11/30/2017 PCN-0920090R-01 View PDF
9/28/2017 PCN-0374255R-02 View PDF
8/29/2017 PCN-0450092R-01 View PDF
8/15/2017 PCN-0450187R-01 View PDF
7/19/2017 PCN-0381289R-02 View PDF
4/20/2017 PCN-0450972R-01 View PDF
4/1/2017 PCN-0451100R-01 View PDF
3/23/2017 PCN-0381408R-01 View PDF
2/22/2017 PCN-0381289R-01 View PDF
1/23/2017 PCN-0374255R-01 View PDF
12/19/2016 PCN-0450214R View PDF
10/18/2016 PCN-0450250R View PDF
3/28/2016 PCN-0450578R-01 View PDF
1/12/2016 PCN-011216-01 View PDF
10/30/2015 PCN-103015-01 View PDF
10/21/2015 PCN-037-4414R-01 View PDF
8/13/2015 PCN-0450215R-01 View PDF
4/11/2015 PCN-0450951R-01 View PDF
2/10/2015 PCN-0451076R-01 View PDF
11/18/2014 PCN-0450948R-01 View PDF
9/19/2014 PCN-0450090R-01 View PDF
6/20/2014 PCN-062014-01 View PDF
4/29/2014 PCN-042914_01 View PDF
1/22/2014 PCN-012214-01 View PDF
8/15/2013 PCN-081513_01 View PDF
4/9/2013 PCN-040913_01 View PDF
4/9/2013 PCN-040913_02 View PDF
4/3/2013 PCN-040313_01 View PDF
3/19/2013 PCN-031913_01 View PDF
8/3/2012 PCN-080312_01 View PDF
6/15/2012 PCN-061512_01 View PDF
6/15/2012 PCN-061512_02 View PDF