Thermal Design Services

Transform heat challenges into peak performance with our team of thermal management experts

Today's electronic devices face significant thermal challenges due to their increasingly compact designs, high power densities, and the demand for improved performance. Don’t let excessive heat hamper your design’s success. CUI Devices’ industry-leading thermal design services employ advanced simulation tools and decades of expertise to identify potential hotspots, optimize airflow, and design effective cooling systems tailored to your specific needs.

Thermal simulation
Thermal simulation

Unlock the power of thermal simulation with our state-of-the-art CFD modeling and analysis services. By leveraging the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques, we can accurately predict and optimize the airflow, temperature distribution, and heat transfer in your systems.

Manufacturing capabilities
Manufacturing capabilities

We understand that every design has unique thermal requirements. In addition to our standard thermal management products, CUI Devices has the manufacturing capabilities to design custom thermal management solutions, including product customizations and integrations, that seamlessly integrate into your devices.

Thermal management consulting
Thermal management consulting

Maximize the effectiveness of your thermal management strategy with our comprehensive consulting services. From conducting PCB modeling and optimization to providing expertise in system, housing, and chassis design, CUI Devices is here to help your devices perform at their best.

Thermal testing and validation
Thermal testing & validation

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your thermal design with our thermal testing services. By validating simulation results through real-world testing, we provide the confidence you need in the thermal performance of your devices, identifying and addressing any potential discrepancies.

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