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Here to Help You Change the World with Your Designs

CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer dedicated to nurturing the spirit of innovation with a heavy dose of humanity—caring more than is expected, embracing evolution, taking a holistic approach, and having fun along away.

Tracing our roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon, we have continually evolved over the years to help our customers find the freedom to do amazing things and change the world with their designs. We specialize in an ever-expanding range of product technologies, including audio, interconnect, motion, relay, sensor, switch and thermal management solutions.

As we move forward, CUI Devices will continue to be the familiar and trusted source for electronic components you’ve come to rely on. We understand the bending and forking design journey our customers boldly travel. We’ve been on an unfolding journey ourselves. We will stay empathetically committed to your design’s success without distraction or delay. Our suite of online resources and knowledgeable staff are ready to help.

CUI Japan Details

株式会社シーユーアイ・ジャパンCUI Japan Co., Ltd.

代表取締役  山本克実





電話: 03-6721-9396

Our Focus


Nurture the spirit of innovation, but above all, be human.

In today’s world, innovation is often connected to steep ambition, growth at all costs, and undying competition. At CUI Devices, we see it differently. We serve some of the most innovative thinkers and companies of our time; our employees are like family; and we have a community surrounding us we truly care about. Our purpose is to nurture the innovative spirits of all within our sphere by being more human—caring more than is expected, taking a holistic approach, letting ourselves and others be a work in progress, and having fun along the way.

Core Values

CUI Devices Values

Lead With Care

At CUI Devices, we are a collection of people, ideals, successes, and failures. And, as such, we stand for a lot of things. But, ultimately, CARE is at our core — it’s what unites us.

Embrace Evolution

We are never too stuck in our ways to adapt. This doesn’t always mean pushing forward at all costs. We’re curious about how we should evolve and enjoy the process of continual improvement.

Choose Fun

Joy in the journey is our mantra. We are serious about what we do and how we do it, but we have fun along the way.

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Lake Oswego, OR USA

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  • Quality Center
  • Sales Office

Sales Offices

Tokyo, Japan

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Beijing, China

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Our Community

Environmental Stewardship
Stem Education
Human Essentials

Causes Worth Fighting For

There are countless causes worth fighting for and we are inspired by the people, non-profits, and grassroots organizations on the ground who work tirelessly to uphold them. With the immense help of our giving partners and the support of our customers, we are learning and working to do our part to care for the community. At CUI Devices, our efforts—financial, in-kind donations, volunteer hours, and more — focus on three main areas:

  • Basic life needs
  • Environmental stewardship
  • STEM education
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Giving Partners

Our Leadership

CUI Devices Leadership

Matt Mckenzie, CEO

"As a business we are committed to bringing the products and technologies to market that keep pace with our customer’s ever-evolving needs. Whether based on efficiency, cost-savings, or flexibility, we are continually striving to innovate so our customers will benefit. Most importantly, we are committed to fostering long-term partnerships with our employees, our communities, and our customers, doing everything in our power to see our partners' success through to fruition."

Matt McKenzie


山本克実 代表取締役

山本克実は、国内外の電子部品関連市場で30年以上に及ぶマーケティング、営業及び企業経営の実績を有しており、現在は株式会社シーユーアイ・ジャパンの代表取締役として、経営に関する詳しくすべての業務に係わっています。 CUI Devices以前は、台湾ライトングループ日本法人にて日本を含むアジア地区の電子部品製品の営業部門を統括していたほか、シンガポール支店の立上げに関わり、計6年間赴任していました。それ以外では、米CREE社日本法人にて営業部門を統括していました。 山本は米アリゾナ州立大学ツーソン校を卒業しています。

- 山本克実