31.25 x 30 x 6.7 mm, 3.6 A Input with Leads, Multi-Stage Peltier (TEC) Module

The CP36H-2 series is a 3.6 A multi-stage Peltier module with two units stacked to achieve a high temperature delta of 92°C. This thermoelectric module series is ideally suited for high density, high power medical and industrial applications as well as refrigeration and sealed environments where forced air cooling is not an option. The model also integrates CUI Devices’ innovative arcTEC™ structure to improve temperature control and boost reliability under thermal cycling conditions.



Two-stage thermoelectric cooler
arcTEC™ structure
Enhanced reliability for high thermal cycling
Superior thermal performance
Silicon sealed
Wide ΔTmax
Precise temperature control
Solid state construction


Type Description
Resistance (Ohms ± 10%) 4.43
Imax (A) 3.6
Vmax (V) 16.7
Qmax (Th=27°C) (W) 21
ΔTmax (Th=27°C) 82
Qmax (Th=50°C) (W) 23
ΔTmax (Th=50°C) 92
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 31.25 x 30 x 6.7
Series CP39H-2

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