Custom Heat Sinks, Peltier Modules, and Dc Fans

As the heat in applications continues to rise due to increasing power densities, addressing your growing thermal management needs has become more crucial than ever. Although we offer a wide variety of standard dc fan, Peltier module, and heat sink options to keep your system operating at peak condition, we understand that each design can present a unique set of challenges. That is why, along with our standard thermal management products, we have set out to develop a full suite of custom thermal solutions. From custom heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers, and dc fans to fully integrated offerings, we are here to collaborate with you on the perfect customization to fit your design.

Custom Heat Sink Capabilities

Along with our standard board level and BGA heat sinks, we are able to create virtually any shape or profile with a range of custom heat sink capabilities.

Custom heat sink
  • A) Multiple Production Methods
    • Extrusion
    • Stamping
    • Forging
    • Die casting
  • B) Range of Materials
    • A380, 1050, 1070, 5052, 6063
    • Stainless, galvanized, pre-tinned steel
    • Brass
    • Copper
  • C) Variety of Finishes
    • Black, clear, color anodization
    • Chromate powder coating
    • Nickel and zinc plating
  • D) Hole Punching Options
    • Mounting holes
    • Tapping
    • Bending
    • Countersink
    • Counterbore

Custom Peltier Module Capabilities

With multiple customization options for our thermoelectric modules, we can ensure that you maximize your design’s thermal performance where forced air cooling is not an option.

Custom peltier
  • A) Variety of Shapes and Sizes
    • Square profiles up to 62 mm
    • Rectangular profile lengths up to 89 mm
    • Round profiles up to 50 mm in diameter
    • Profiles available with or without center hole
  • B) Custom Wires
    • Modified wire lengths
    • Custom connectors
  • C) Heat Sinks
    • Add heat sinks to our Peltier modules using thermal interface materials (TIM) for improved thermal performance

Custom Dc Cooling Fan Capabilities

Depending upon your forced air cooling needs, we can deliver the custom dc fan or blower solution for your specific application.

Custom Dc Fan
  • A) Multiple External Modifications
  • A) Custom Wires
    • Tachometer signal
    • Rotation detector
    • PWM control signal
    • Modified wire lengths and gauges
    • Custom connectors

Thermal Management Integrations

In addition to our individual custom offerings, CUI Devices' dc fans, Peltier modules, and heat sinks can be combined and mounted together using thermal interface materials (TIM) to achieve more complex custom thermal solutions. This capability allows us to meet your exact thermal requirements without compromise.

Thermal management integrations

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