Medical Speakers

Designed to Meet IEC 60601‑1‑8 Alarm Signal Requirements
Speakers Ideal for Medical Applications

Speakers Ideal for Medical Applications

CUI Devices’ medical speakers are a range of miniature and standard speakers designed to meet the alarm signal requirements of IEC 60601-1-8. The CDSM and CMSM models feature frame sizes from 23 mm to 66 mm, sound pressure levels from 93 up to 110 dB, and resonant frequencies from 180 up to 400 Hz. These medical speakers further offer a variety of mounting styles and cone types, neodymium or ferrite magnets, and nominal inputs from 1 to 10 W. Several models also carry IP66 or IP67 ratings for dealing with moisture and environmental contaminants.


  • Designed to meet IEC 60601-1-8
  • 23 mm to 66 mm frame sizes
  • SPLs from 93 up to 110 dB
  • Multiple mounting styles and cone types
  • IP66 or IP67 rated versions
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