How to Specify the Optimal Heat Sink for Your Design

How to Specify the Optimal Heat Sink for Your Design


Excessive temperatures can greatly reduce the lifetime of electronic components and as power densities rise, keeping components cool should be a top priority. In this blog published by Electronic Specifier, Aaron Yarnell, CUI Devices’ Senior Product Manager discusses the thermal management challenge and provides a step-by-step guide for specifying the proper heat sink to address your cooling requirements.

The blog post begins, “As system power densities continue to increase, and sophisticated power-electronics applications continue to proliferate in equipment such as data centers, electric vehicles, lighting systems, industrial robotics and more, thermal management is an increasingly pressing challenge. While seeking to keep components cool, however, there are many opportunities to 'over engineer', resulting in a solution that is excessively large, or expensive, or both. If the main device for cooling is to be a heat sink, for example, the idea is to choose a part that has optimal thermal impedance (governed by factors such as size, shape, and surface finish) to maintain the device below its rated operating temperature.”

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