How to Choose a Cooling Fan in Five Easy Steps

How to Choose a Cooling Fan in Five Easy Steps


Determining the type and size of a cooling fan needed for your design is not always easy. In this blog post published by Electronic Design, Jeff Smoot, CUI Devices’ VP of Engineering, lists five simple steps to help aid the process of selecting the appropriate fan for your application.

The article begins, “All too often, the overall performance of an electronic design isn’t limited by technology constraints, but rather ultimately boils down to a problem of heat dissipation. With the exception of superconductors, the operation of all electrical and electronic equipment results in some power loss, which is inevitably dissipated as heat. Accepting this fact, equipment designers need to consider how that heat will affect the performance of their design and how to remove it from their system.”

He then goes on to cover the five things to keep in mind when choosing a fan as your thermal management solution, such as understanding where and how much heat is being generated, how much air flow is needed, fan types, and more.

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