omniCOOL™ System
Enhanced Longevity and Performance in Sleeve Bearing Fans

What is the omniCOOL System?

What is the omniCOOL System?

CUI Devices' omniCOOL™ system bridges the gap between traditional sleeve and ball bearing fan and blower technologies by incorporating either a magnetic structure or enhanced sleeve bearing design. Both omniCOOL system features work to dramatically reduce friction, wobble, and noise found in conventional bearing types, while extending fan life and improving performance. View our line of dc axial fans and centrifugal blowers with the omniCOOL system.


  • Magnetic Structure
  • Present on part numbers with a “-V” suffix, magnetic rotor-balancing enables fans to operate at any angle, reduces the need for lubricant, and further minimizes fan friction, wobble, and noise.
  • Enhanced Bearing
  • Utilized on part numbers with a “-C” or “-CF” suffix, the enhanced bearing design features specialized grooves on the outside of the bearing that assist with lubrication, leading to longer life, less noise, and improved efficiency.

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