CUI Devices Launches New Thermal Design Services

CUI Devices Launches New Thermal Design Services


CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group today announced the official launch of its new thermal design services. With a team of thermal management experts, CUI Devices’ industry-leading thermal design services employ advanced simulation tools and decades of expertise to identify potential hotspots, optimize airflow, and design effective cooling systems tailored to a customer’s specific needs. The available services offered by CUI Devices are further broken down as follows:

  • Thermal simulation: CUI Devices leverages the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to accurately predict and optimize the airflow, temperature distribution, and heat transfer in various systems.
  • Manufacturing capabilities: In addition to standard thermal management products, CUI Devices has the manufacturing capabilities to design custom thermal management solutions, including product customizations and integrations.
  • Thermal management consulting: From conducting PCB modeling and optimization to providing expertise in system, housing, and chassis design, CUI Devices can help designers maximize their thermal management strategy.
  • Thermal testing and validation: CUI Devices’ thermal testing services ensure the accuracy and reliability of a thermal design through real-world testing to help identify and address any potential discrepancies.

“Thermal challenges are an inescapable fact in today’s electronic devices,” stated Steve Mathis, CUI Devices’ VP of Sales. “Our new thermal design services are a natural progression of our existing portfolio of thermal management products. We also have many years of experience collaborating with customers to tailor custom thermal solutions to their specific application needs and we believe these additional services will further simplify their design journey.”

For helpful resources and tools on thermal management, check out CUI Devices’ Resource Library that houses a range of blog posts, videos, and more.

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