CUI Devices' SPL calculator allows the user to convert a speaker's specified SPL on the datasheet to different real-world conditions, or to compare sound pressure levels between two devices with different specified parameters on their respective datasheets. To use the calculator, enter the specified SPL level, rated power and measured distance from the CUI Devices datasheet into the "Spec / Original SPL" fields. In the "Equivalent SPL" fields, enter the desired distance and power and the converted SPL value will be provided.


Spec / Original SPL

Original Sound Level (dB SPL)
Required Field
Original Power (W)
Required Field
Original Distance (m)
Required Field

Equivalent SPL

Calculated Sound Level (dB SPL)
Desired Power (W)
Required Field
Desired Distance (m)
Required Field
Please keep in mind that this tool is for calculation and comparison purposes only. Do not operate a device beyond its rated power capacity, as this could cause damage.
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