AMT-OTZ-1 Alternate View
AMT-OTZ-1 Battery
AMT-OTZ-1 Alternate View
AMT-OTZ-1 Alternate View


AMT One Touch Zero Alignment Tool for AMT31 Series

The AMT-OTZ-1 One Touch Zero is a simple and intuitive alignment tool for the AMT31 series commutation encoder. The module allows unprecedented time savings during the encoder alignment process. With the simple press of a button, the AMT31 series encoder can be instantly aligned to a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, eliminating the traditionally time consuming alignment process and removing the need for a motor back-driving fixture and oscilloscope. Because of the compact size of the AMT One Touch Zero and its common 9V size battery source, it is perfect for use anywhere, from an engineer’s desk to the manufacturing floor.

Components Included

  • AMT One Touch Zero board
  • AMT One Touch Zero base  
  • 2 screws and nuts
  • AMT-14C-1-012-OTZ cable – for AMT313
  • AMT-17C-1-012-OTZ cable – for AMT312
  • (battery not included)


Easy “One Touch Zeroing”
A/B/Z/U/V/W test points
LEDs indicating status of each commutation signal
Universal 9V battery source
ON/OFF switch for power saving
Small handheld size

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