Micro Rotary DIP Switches Ideal for Space-Constrained Designs

Micro Rotary DIP Switches Ideal for Space-Constrained Designs


CUI Devices’ Switches Group today announced the addition of micro rotary actuator types to its DIP switches product line. Housed in compact 7.2 x 7.2 x 2.9 mm packages, the RDS-7229 series features 4, 10, or 16 positions, a 5.08 mm pitch, and surface mount or through hole mounting styles. Thanks to their compact footprints and IP67 ratings, these rotary DIP switches are ideal for a range of space-constrained industrial, commercial, or telecommunication applications where moisture and environmental contaminants are major concerns.

To meet a variety of design requirements, the rotary DIP switch models offer multiple termination types, including gull wing, angled gull wing, and J-hook gull wing as well as PC pin and crimped PC pin. The models also feature raised or flat actuator levels with arrow, cross, or slotted actuator styles. Carrying operating temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C, the micro rotary DIP switches hold 50 Vdc switching/non-switching rated voltages and 100 mA switching/non-switching rated currents.

The RDS-7229 models are available immediately with prices starting at $1.69 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI Devices for OEM pricing.

Product name: RDS-7229 Series
Availability: Stock to 7 weeks
Possible users: Space-constrained industrial, commercial, or telecom applications
Primary features: Compact packages, multiple termination types, IP67 rated
Cost: $1.69 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution

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