CUI Devices Launches New Audio Design Services

CUI Devices Launches New Audio Design Services


CUI Devices’ Audio Group today announced the official launch of its new audio design services. With a team of sound specialists, CUI Devices’ industry-leading audio design services employ advanced simulation tools and testing as well as decades of expertise to help customers optimize a range of audio parameters to their specific system needs. The available services offered by CUI Devices include:

  • Manufacturing capabilities: In addition to standard audio products, CUI Devices has the manufacturing capabilities to design custom audio solutions, including product customizations and integrations.
  • Design and development: From audio IC and PCB design to speaker, enclosure, and microphone array development, CUI Devices can address virtually any audio design and development need.
  • Audio simulation: CUI Devices leverages the latest simulation techniques to accurately model a variety of audio parameters, including acoustic pressure, SPL, impedance, and more.
  • Audio consulting: From mounting and installation guidance to providing expertise in system, housing, and audio design, CUI Devices can help designers fine-tune their sound strategy.
  • Audio testing and validation: CUI Devices provides real-world testing for a range of speaker and microphone measurements, including frequency response, sensitivity, total harmonic distortion, and much more.

“Audio design is an often-complex task that goes far beyond standard part selection,” stated Jeff Smoot, CUI Devices’ VP of Engineering. “We look forward to building on our years of experience developing audio products by offering customers these additional audio design services that will further allow them to take their design from concept to a finished product.”

For helpful resources and tools on audio, check out CUI Devices’ Resource Library that houses a range of blog posts, videos, and more.

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