CUI Devices Appoints Tony Harris as Newest Board Member

CUI Devices Appoints Tony Harris as Newest Board Member


CUI Devices, an electronic components manufacturer specializing in an ever-expanding range of product technologies, today announced the appointment of Tony Harris as its newest board member. The appointment further solidifies CUI Devices’ ongoing commitment to provide OEMs with a collaborative design experience, best-in-class service, and an industry-leading product portfolio.

As a highly regarded thought leader, CEO coach, senior executive mentor, and author, Tony brings a wealth of experience in global B2B marketing, eCommerce, corporate communications, and more, thanks to his work with respected brands across a range of industries. During his time at Digi-Key Electronics, including as Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Harris was instrumental in transforming Digi-Key’s marketing and online presence with an impressive selection of engineering resources, and was a key contributor to the company’s growth during his tenure from 2006 to 2015. Since then, as the Founder and CEO of THINC B2B, Tony works alongside executive teams from around the world to achieve measurable and sustained long-term growth in the digital economy.

“I am incredibly honored to be joining CUI Devices as they continue on this unique and exciting journey since spinning off from CUI Inc,” commented Tony Harris. “Having developed strong relationships with the executive team from my time at Digi-Key, I truly believe in the company’s customer-focused mission and have been a brand advocate of theirs for many years. I look forward to being more closely involved in CUI Devices’ global growth moving forward.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Tony to the CUI Devices family,” stated Matt McKenzie, CEO of CUI Devices. “I and several others have had the privilege of building a great relationship with Tony over the years and we all recognize the depth of business and industry experience he will bring to our company. Tony will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset to CUI Devices as we work to expand our business and cultivate positive customer experiences worldwide,” McKenzie concluded.

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