AMT Viewpoint™

Graphical User Interface

Providing the Tools to Support Your Design

The AMT Viewpoint™ is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows for an unprecedented level of visibility and control thanks to the innovative design of the AMT modular encoders. Via the simple software interface, users are able to set and control a range of parameters, reducing development time and virtually eliminating tedious steps in the assembly process. Additionally, the software allows engineers access to a range of diagnostic data for quick analysis during design or while in the field. AMT Viewpoint operates on Windows 10™ or higher.

Current Version:


  • Resolution
  • Zero position
  • Direction of Rotation for Commutation Signals
  • Signals (AMT31/33 series only)
  • Pole count (AMT31/33 series only)


  • Resolution/pole count/direction settings
  • Output waveform
  • Encoder firmware & datecode
  • Commutation logic values (AMT31/33 series only)
  • Encoder diagnostics