Intelligence Comes to the Commutation Encoder


Intelligence Comes to the Commutation Encoder

In the e-Drive article “Intelligence Comes to the Commutation Encoder” CUI’s VP of Motion Control, Jeff Smoot, examines common encoder technologies and highlights why capacitive encoding is the superior choice.

The article begins, “Encoder users traditionally have been reluctant to change, with good reason. Motor control on the factory floor or in an industrial installation is not the place for innovations that make performance and reliability claims but lack a track record and substantive history to back them up. Although optical and magnetic encoders are long established, and employ what may seem like “more-tangible” physical concepts, the capacitive encoder also uses fully-tested principles, as proven through many successful years in the field. This alternate approach to motion sensing, being digitally based, opens up a range of benefits and delivers a new level of intelligence for designers utilizing rotary commutation encoders.”

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