CUI Devices' commutation encoders generate standard U/V/W communication signals for commutating brushless dc (BLDC) motors. Featuring 22 programmable incremental resolutions from 48 to 4096 PPR, these commutation rotary encoders are based upon proprietary capacitive technology that makes them resilient to dirt, dust, and oil that can plague traditional encoders in industrial environments. The digital nature of the capacitive encoder models also reduces the time-consuming processes of mounting and alignment to seconds with the One Touch Zero™ feature. Available as a kit, the commutation encoders support various shaft sizes from 2 mm to 5/8 in (15.875 mm) and include simple mounting tools to further simplify the assembly process. When combined with compact packages, low current draw of 16 mA at 5 V, high accuracy of ±0.2 degrees, and operating temperature ranges from -40 to +125°C, CUI Devices' commutation encoders are some of the most versatile encoders for your motion control needs.